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» Send me ‘cuddle’ for my muses reaction to yours suddenly sitting next to them and wrapping both of them in a blanket.
» Is there a muse you’d really love to see me play?

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» Hit On My Muse! [May Be NSFW]
"Would you sleep with a stranger?"
"You're a god/goddess..."
"I'm not wearing any underwear..."
"I'm completely naked under all these clothes."
"You're my fetish."
"Can I feel between those thighs of yours?"
"I wouldn't tell you to stop."
"You're so cute when you're flustered."
"I know you like me, don't deny it."
"You want it, don't you?"
"You've a beautiful name, wanna hear me moan it?"
"Nice ass..."
"God, you're just perfect."


my entire life

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"H3LL0 7H3R3!!!" (you wave your good arm)

α…Hm? Well hello to you as well. What can I do for you?…Ω

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α…Seriously? I shouldn’t have offered to pay you then. However I’m a troll of my word and don’t go back on what I say. And I can take a guess at how much it pains you. Your face shows quite a bit of that…Ω

α…And I guess I did? I don’t know. It wasn’t that much of an improvement in your explanation…Ω

( = ^ ・ ω ・ ^ = ): Well I would’ve done it furr free until you mentioned paying. 5o even if you tried taking it back I would refu5e after hearing. Getting paid to do 5omething I don’t mind i5n’t a chance I’ll ever pa55 up!

( = ^ ・ o ・ ^ = ): Did my face really giveaway that much though? I think I 5hould try and hide my di5dain furr thing5 now. And work on my 5ocial 5kill5 more to.

α…Your face didn’t give away that much but I’m fairly decent at reading expressions. You kind of have to be in my line of work…Ω

<Hey, Flaire. Are you Around?>




α…Hm? Yeah I’m here. What do you need Syrex?…Ω

α…Mmhm. What about you? How have things been for you?…Ω

<Things hAve been fine with me ActuAlly. I mAnAged to get myself A job to earn some currency And it’s going well so fAr.>

α…Oh? What sort of work have you been doing so far?…Ω





Derine gave her a reassuring smile as her blush died down. “It’s alright! I was just letting you know that it was alright for you to not use the title!”

"I see."

Sinrea smiled back at her.

"All things aside, do you like the shirt?"

"Ah. Y-Yeah I really like it!" She smiled a bit shyly, still not totally wanting to ask her to buy it for her.

"Heheh. Would you like me to get it for you? I would not mind it."

"No no no! It’s fine! I can buy it for myself." He gave her a thankful smile but was showing that she’d be fairly adamant in making sure that she didn’t spend so much money on her.

The Protagonist of P5

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